Pattern Golf™ Help

When you launch the app, you are presented with a satellite map zoomed in on your current location. There will be a blue marker that represents you. The blue marker will always be on your current location.

You can move the map by dragging a single finger on the screen. You can also rotate the map by placing two fingers on the screen and rotating them around a point. You can move and rotate at the same time by dragging and rotating two fingers.

The app has been preconfigured with a default seven iron distance of 160 yards and a 14 handicap. It is recommended to change that by tapping the button in the bottom right of the screen.

This is your pattern. It has been custom tailored to you and can be edited by tapping on the i button in the bottom right corner.

You can rotate your pattern by placing two fingers on the screen and then rotating around a point. This doesn’t move your pattern; it simply rotates it. If you want to move your pattern, you can tap and drag on the green circle at the base of the pattern and then move it to where you want it to be. You can also tap and hold on a point for a short time to place a pin. Tapping on the pin will allow you to place the pattern at the pins location.

The orange dots are the ending point indicators. They show you where you need to aim for your ball to land in the indicated areas assuming nothing will affect your ball flight. They can be turned off by clicking on the button in the top left corner of the screen.

This is where your pattern is anchored to. If the pattern is anchored to a tee box or pin, it will show up as green. If the pattern is anchored to your current location, it will show up as blue.

These are your clubs. They are aligned next to the appropriate clubs indicated landing area.

Tapping on a name will turn a clubs landing area on or off. Tapping and holding on a name will turn all of the landing areas on or off.

Tapping on this button will reveal a side panel that contains various options. You can select a hole on a course, search for new courses, change wind modes, turn on/off end point indicators, remove all pins, change units of measurement, go to our website, and get help.

Tapping this button will allow you to record scores for you and 3 other people. While here, you can see current scores and edit scores that have been entered incorrectly.

Tapping this will show hole’s yardage, average score on the hole, and show the hole’s handicap. This information will appear briefly, then disappear shortly afterwards.

Tapping this button will show a ruler where you can measure distances between points. Two handles will appear that can be dragged and precisely aligned.

Tapping this button will turn off or on wind mode. Wind mode moves the patterns to match the effects of the wind.

Tapping this button will center your shot pattern on your current location and align it with your current direction. Tapping it quickly a second time will lock the pattern to always align with your current direction. Tapping it again will disable the direction lock.

Tapping this button will bring up a panel to allow you to change your profile’s name, switch profiles, edit distances and average scores of profiles, modify clubs, preview shot patterns, and shot stats for the profiles.